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The Refuge: Terror from the Deep is a new, standalone version of B&B’s iconic board game The Refuge: A Race for Survival.

In Terror from the Deep, 2-6 divers compete by racing to the goal and planning movement to outwit their opponents — all while escaping from the Kraken’s wrath! The Refuge is an easy to learn, family-friendly racing game, and great gateway game to miniatures! The object of the game is simple: Be the first to the refuge with the treasure, and you are the winner of the game.

On your turn, you either move your character orthogonally, draw a card, or play an action card. As you move you activate tiles, allowing you to do different things, like the spawn tile, which spawns pesky tentacles that slow your opponents down, the hazard tile which lets you control the Kraken’s tentacles. Combining your hand of cards with your movement allows you to string together combos propelling you toward the final goal. Wait too long though, and there will be a dozen tentacles blocking your path.

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep also features a new 1-4 player cooperative mode in which players work together to escape the Kraken!

—description from the publisher

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