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Galactic Rage is a Sci-fi game of strategy, diplomacy and conquest for 2-6 players. Each player chooses one of the unique races under attack by the cruel Empress. Every player starts the game with a limited supply and army in their space base. The game has 4 solar systems and 32 planets, and each planet has a different advantage for the players.

Planet X has the biggest casino in the galaxy, and possessing Planet X helps you become financially strong and allows other players to gamble in your casino. Planet Y has the trade center, possessing Planet Y, allows you to collect taxes from other players’ trade activities. Planet Z has the biggest spy center in the universe, possessing Planet Z increases your chances of successful spy activities. Planet A has a fuel mine and if you control planet A, you will have an advantage for space battles.

Is that it? Of course not! Each planet has its own advantage…

Players have to plan their strategy carefully and invade planets before other players, but if a planet is attacked by a player with too little power, the attack might be unsuccessful and a huge advantage will be given to the other players. Or, if a player is too slow, another player can control the target planet first.

A player can control key planets, building the strongest army and collect huge resources. However, if a player is too strong, other players may build alliances to stop you. Alliances are as important as having a strong army or being wealthy; the weakest player can win the game with the right allies and the strongest player can lose the game without them.

For example, say you don’t want to fight, so you build a strong defence, and keep your army away from fights. However, when other players are getting weak, you can attack them and win the game. Unfortunately, it will be terrible strategy for you. In Galactic Rage, the attacker always has an advantage. If you wait too long to attack your enemy, you leave yourself vulnerable to attack next turn.

Players shouldn’t forget the threat of the Empress; she always sends her army to defeat the players. If you don’t help other players stop the Empress, you can give the other players a big advantage or if you spend too many resources to fight the Empress, you can make yourself weak against other players. Empress cards might change the game dynamics easily so try to collect them, but not so many that you make yourself weak.

If a player controls one of the solar systems, he/she will win the game. Remember that making alliances is a good strategy, but don’t forget only one player will win the game and you cannot trust anyone forever.

Choose your strategy: hide in the shadows and steal from other players or assassinate their soldiers without a fight, be the richest person in the game and build the biggest army. Fight against the Empress and collect unique Empress cards that increase your chance on the battlefield. Invade the key planets and make the other players dependant on you. Make the strongest allies and protect yourself against other strong players. Whoever makes the right choices will win the game.

—description from the publisher

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