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Experience the world’s first 4X card game with deck customization, area control, and ship movement. Choose from one of six preconstructed decks, or build your own from a complete collection of over 300 cards (no packs, all cards included). It’s 2-4 players, 1-6 players with expansions (Void Scepter Solo Campaign available).

You begin with a homeworld, in a new galaxy created by location cards. Each turn, you can colonize new worlds, move ships, play cards, and battle your enemies. A unique simultaneous turn system eliminates downtime between turns. Streamlined 4X mechanics keep the game fast paced and tensions high. Cards are played simultaneously in secret and revealed at the same time using a bluff mechanic.

There are many paths to claiming the Void Scepter. Your favor represents your Imperial influence. If it reaches 0 you lose. Weaken your enemy’s favor by destroying their worlds, or eliminate them outright by destroying their homeworld. Take the Imperial Capital through force, and use the seat of power to crush your enemy’s favor.

Now is the time! Lead your civilization to new heights and claim the Void Scepter!

—description from the publisher

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