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Fugue is a game about the struggle to create wonderful things, and the mental battle one goes through to shape ideas. There are forces inside of a mind, fighting for dominance. Only one force can win the battle and bring the idea to life.

You and your opponents are opposing creative forces inside an Artist’s mind. The Artist might be a painter, poet, musician, game designer—but regardless of their art, they’re struggling to create a work, and you must make sure the best ideas win out—yours. You will battle by manipulating the Artist’s Spirit, Imagination, Vision, Depth and Passion.

In the game, you will create card sets and move them from one area of the Artist’s mind to another, and finally into your passion area to score. But watch out, because you are not the only force moving cards!

Fugue is a tense, quick-paced, yet easy to learn strategy game for one to two (*or more) creative forces battling for dominance.

—description from the publisher

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