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Rumble Rally is a 2-to-6 racing board game where the players must compete, and use any sort of crazy stratagem, to be the first to cut the finish line.

Its simple set of rules guarantees each race to be a frantic, fast-paced, dynamic game, where the waiting time is close to zero. The Initiative Injector mechanic hides a fairly significant strategic component, while the special dice, the Mystery and the Crash cards provide the right amount of unpredictability and randomness that make each race’s outcome an uncertainty until the very end.

Rumble Rally is designed to be the ideal party game that anyone can play and enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try bold moves, to bump into other cars, or even to catch a mysterious box parachuted from the sky! Fun is always guaranteed!

However, for those of you who crave a fair competition, the base game comes with the Championship Expansion Set, designed to help players organize and manage small and big tournaments.

—description from the publisher

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