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A nearby solar system has been obliterated by a supernova. Now is your time to move in and extract the valuable resources from its unstable planets. But these jobs are too dangerous to do alone. Send in teams of Hired Paws and form uneasy truces with your rivals to come away with the best loot.

Afternova is a strategic negotiation game for 3-6 players. Score victory points by collecting Fragments shown on your Blueprints to build ship upgrades. When a player completes a number of Blueprints, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins.

On your turn, you may buy Blueprints and Hired Paws from the Market or extract Fragments from a planet by spending your Hired Paws. When Extracting, it is often best to team-up with other players to split work and the rewards.

—description from the publisher

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