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A Noble in the King’s Court, you try to gain His Royal favour, but he’s constantly changing his mind about what he wants. Still, you gather as much of the items he desires (for the moment) to advance your status over the other nobles.

Expand the market, capture treasure, trade at the marketplace and get ready to deliver to the King. Your position in court depends on how savvy you are at moving, capturing, trading and being ready, at the exact right time.

How to Play:

1. Taking Actions
Starting with the first player and moving clockwise, each player can perform up to 3 actions on their turn among all their workers (4 actions if you have 3 workers) before moving on to the next player’s turn, as follows:

  • Explore by selecting and placing a tile adjacent to one of your workers (YOU MUST INDICATE WHICH OF YOUR WORKERS IS EXPLORING, but you can place this anywhere adjacent to this worker as long as there is an open space and it can be placed adjacent to two or more existing tiles). Note that movement to this tile is not included in this action. Whenever a new tile is added to the board, add one cube for each matching resource icon on this tile.
  • Move to an adjacent tile or between any two market tils (even if they are not adjacent)
  • Collect all resources of ONE type from a tile your worker is currently on
  • Trade items at a market (you may trade as many as you want for one action, but you must trade two of one type to receive one of another type and must have a worker on a market tile to do so). There are a total of 6 markets including the starting market tile in the deck of tiles.
  • Make an Offering to the King by placing any number of resources you have of the type(s) on the current goal card onto your red offering card.
  • Hire a worker – Note that this requires all 3 actions on your turn to complete. The new worker may be placed on the tile of one of your existing workers, or any market tile, including the starting market tile. You may have a maximum of 3 workers.

How to Win:

After the fifth and final goal has been scored, players add 1 point for each 5 total resources they had at the end of the game (they don’t have to be the same type, but don’t return them to the stockpile just yet!). The player with the most points is declared the winner!

If there is a tie, it is broken by the player with most total resources remaining. If still tied, the tie is broken by the player with the most wheat remaining. If still tied, the victory is shared.

—description from the publisher

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