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Arena Colossei™ is a miniature game by OrcoNero Games, set in ancient Rome. Choose your favourite combat technique and make your gladiator fight! The game can rely on three great features: amazing miniatures, an original and extremely competitive gameplay, historical accuracy at its highest level for what concerns this specific topic.

The game is divided into rounds. To begin with, each player must select which cards (minimum 1) he will play during the current round. Each card represents specific moves and maneuvers the gladiators can perform. The original FightHex system integrate all the information about direction, armor and line of vision directly on the miniatures’ bases!

The round begins: the players must choose, alternatively, which move their gladiators will perform, trying to predict and counter the opponent’s movements at their best. At the end of each round all the cards will be refreshed.

As soon as two miniatures are in contact the fight beings! Use the tiles to defend or attack a specific zone of the gladiator: block the enemy’s attacks and penetrate his guard. In this phase, predicting where your opponent is going to hit and where he will parry is essential! If your opponent’s defense tile does not match your attack tile… your attack is a success, pull out a damage token from the bag!

On the Favour of the Public track, there is a token called Summa Rudis. Both if you penetrate the enemy’s guard or block his attacks, move the token towards your side. Either if the token Summa Rudis reach the last position on your side of the track, or at the end of the 15th round the Summa Rudis is on your side of the track, you win!

The game can be played in two modalities: Duel (1 Vs 1) and Melee (2 Vs 2). Moreover, each type of gladiator has three levels of experience with special moves and techniques!

—description from the publisher

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