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Introduction: Welcome to New Osaka, a game where 1 to 4 players runs an organization vying for control. Build mechs, buildings, & defenses, produce resources, use research labs to earn new tech, and fight off various monsters, including a giant final boss at the end of the game. Will your organization come out on top in defending New Osaka? Time to see if you have what it takes!

Background: In the year 2055, a Great War raged across the globe against the vile forces of Max Von Fury. Max was a mad genius bent on taking over the world with his AI infused robotic creations. He very nearly succeeded. Allied forces discovered his home base in the Old Osaka Prefecture of Japan and that was where Max’s last stand took place, destroying much of Old Osaka in the process. In his defeat, his final act of defiance was to open portals to another dimension within Neyagawa, Yao, and Ikoma, unleashing great monsters into our world. After a time, other portals started appearing in various nations, small at first, but slowly getting bigger.

Now, major organizations fight for control over New Osaka, the great bastion standing against the first major source of the monsters. Whichever group proves they have what it takes to defend New Osaka against the monster threat will earn major contracts around the world when the other portals start becoming a threat. Untold power and control awaits the organization that proves itself worthy!

Gameplay: You have ‘motor cars’ and characters you use to activate buildings on the map. You have battle mechs you can move around to take over research stations and take on monsters (rolling dice to beat the monster level). Beating monsters produce special resources and points. And you also have production mechs that you can move to factories to produce resources that let you upgrade buildings, mechs, and earn points. The final round, all players fight a giant monster. Players generate points for how they do all of these actions and the player with the most points wins.

—description from the publisher

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