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Category: Abstract Strategy

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Holi: Festival of Colors

Rate 7.5 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Floodgate Games – Website In HOLI: Festival of Colors, players gather to celebrate the end of winter as they spread colorful powder on each other, dancing and celebrating […]

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Rate 7.3 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Flatout Games – Website Calico is a puzzly tile-laying game of quilts and cats.In Calico, players compete to sew the coziest quilt as they collect and place patches of […]

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Rate 3.3 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Pumpkin Games – Website The name Roborama was thought up by one of the authors, who was watching the cartoon Futurama, in which the grumpy robot Bender […]

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The One Hundred Torii

Rate 6.5 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Pencil First Games – Website LIFE’S A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATIONFind your path in a beautiful Japanese garden. In the Japanese tradition, the torii gate marks the […]

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Kodama 3d

Rate 6.6 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Indie Boards and Cards – Website In┬áKodama 3D, players will grow trees in three-dimensional space. Players move their kodama pieces around a 4×4 grid of branch tiles […]

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Ashes to Ashes

Rate 5.2 ********************************************************************************************************************************** Alter Ego Games – Website Ashes to Ashes is a game for 2-5 players (45 min.) in which two factions (Humans and Vampires) try to catch the Chosen […]